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A daily insight into bipolar.

Daily entries on living with bipolar

Dear diary

Getting better day by day. Probably at a 2 now 1 being less manic. I dunno I just sometimes over think but know music dance anything artistic is at the heart of me. I also love playing hockey and can’t wait to be in a team again. Oh my brain my silly brain gets soooContinue reading “Dear diary”

Dear diary

I’ve had a rollercoaster of emotions in the last week caused by a manic episode. Everyday this week I’ve learnt something new about myself. Ever since my hypnotherapy session over a week ago I have felt my true self. It’s like the Annemarie in me has woken up. My artistic side is shining through. ThisContinue reading “Dear diary”

Dear diary

I feel great, who would of known a routine was a good idea. It’s like I dunno. I just feel better. I have been a tad unwell recently but my artistic side is helping me recover. Yet again I’ve not got a lot to say.

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Defintion of bipolar: Experiencing extrem highs and lows.

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Join me as I discover more about my condition. Unlike a train which travels from A to B. My journey. with mental health is on going. Destination unknown.

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My bipolar beast can be tamed. It is no longer locked away but on a leash. Never ignored; sometimes breaks free and causes havoc. At times I want to scream at it but my bipolar beast is here to stay.

My purpose is to make people feel less alone as we battle our mental health.

Your never alone.

You’re never alone. Your condition does not define you. We all walk our own paths, at times there may be obstacles and you may have to take a different path. Remember it’s not a sign of weakness asking for help. Bipolar can make you feel lonely but knowing there is support out there helps.